Frequently Asked


peto FAQ, yuk tanya semua tentang pets ke kami
  • Can I access my PETO profile through the website?

    Currently PETO profile is exclusive to the mobile app version only. The current website will only give all relevant FAQs, informations, and 'contact us' links. It is possible that in the near future we might open all PETO mobile application functionalities on the website platform.

  • Can I change my language settings for PETO?

    No, currently PETO is only available in English.

  • Where can I get a customer service? Where can I contact PETO support, troubleshooting or feedback?

    Add us on PETO on the friend menu, username: PETO Admin or you can also contact by WhatsApp to (+62)812 1111 2929. For Email: or go to Settings in the PETO mobile app, and then go to 'contact us.

  • Can I change my username after I signed up?

    You can only use the same username for one email you registered. Your username is only unique to you, no one else will have the same username as yours.

  • Can I change my email after I signed up?

    You can only use the same email adress for the assigned specific username.

  • Why can't I sign in?

    Please check if the email adress or the password is correct. If you forgot the password you can ask us to reset your password by following the forgot password link, and check your email for the password reset link. After you have reset your password, you can log in with the password we gave you then you will be asked to input your new password. follow the steps then you're good to go!

  • How can I change my password?

    You can go to settings (the button on the top right of your PETO homepage), type in your old password and type in your new password then tap on the 'set new password' button.

  • Why can't I sign in with Facebook?

    If you cannot sign in with Facebook, then perhaps your device has trouble synchronizing with Facebook's API. Try signing up normally, it's almost as easy!

  • Why can't I sign in with Google?

    If you cannot sign in with Google Plus, then perhaps your device has trouble synchronizing with Google Plus's API. Try signing up normally, it's almost as easy!

  • Where can I input my fullname to my profile?

    You can go to the Profile, and tap on the 'me' button. There you can change or add your details including your fullname.

  • Why can’t I upload my photos?

    Keep in mind that your picture can't exceed our picture's maximum size limit (1 MB)to be able to succesfully upload it.

  • Are my photos safe when I upload it to PETO?

    Yes, we won’t distribute or sell the photos that you have uploaded to PETO (both your pets' or your own photo). On the otherhand, we cannot guarantee and safeguard other members' action. If they commit any misconduct that will be on their own account, but we are giving our maximum effort to prevent this from happening by not letting other member to save other members' picture.

  • Why can't I add another pet?

    In PETO, one profile can have up to 3 pets. If you want to upload more than 3 pets you can; delete one pet and add another one or you can make a new profile by signing up and use another email to register.

  • How to edit my human profile (both for my pet and myself)

    You can edit your profile details anytime by tapping on the edit button on the right side of profile page.

  • Can I input my pet's breedtype incorrectly? And what if I don't know what my pet's breedtype?

    Yes you can, but we advise please find out your pets' breed type. Just ask us or just google "pet breed type".

  • What happens when I delete my pet?

    Your deleted pet profile will be deleted permanently, but we will give you a confirmation message box before you want to delete your pet profile

  • What happens when I switch my default pet?

    When you switch your default pet to another pet, the chosen pet will show on your homepage as your default pet profile that will be shown in 'PETOdate'. You can always go back and forth to change your default pet preferences.

  • How can I hide contact details? such as email or phone number?

    To change such details you can go to 'settings' then set your privacy settings. you can choose whether you want to show your contact details or not.

  • How can I stop PETO from giving me notifications?

    To set the notification settings you can go to 'settings' then set your privacy settings. You can choose whether you want to turn on/off your phone and mail notification.

  • What is the maximum numbers of photos that I can upload?

    For each pet you can upload up to 5 photos per pet. For your own picture (profile picture), you can only upload 1.

  • Do I have to fill out all fields when adding my pets?

    No, there are only several required fields which is highlighted red when you left it empty.

  • Do I have to fill out all my details on the 'me' profile?

    No, but the more complete your profile is, the more other members will see you as a real profile and the more they can trust you as a responsible pet owner.

  • What are the photo formats that are alllowed to be uploaded?

    Make sure that your photo/image formats are in .jpg and .png only.

  • How can I hide my account?

    You can hide your by account by logging out button on the 'Settings'page.

  • How can I delete my account?

    You can delete your account, by going to 'Settings' on the home page and set your account status to 'Delete'.

  • How can I reactivate my account?

    You can reactivate your account if you only deactivated it. To reactivate your account you can go to 'Settings' on the home page and set your account status to 'Active'..

  • How can I see my Services Orders? like grooming , etc.

    Go to Services, then tap the ongoing button.

  • Where can I track my Shop purchase?

    Go to Services -> Shop -> Then tap the profile button on that top right.

  • Can I get a refund?

    yes 100%, you will get refund for any unsent product and bad services caused by us. But not if it caused by force majeure.

  • If my pet got sick after the service, what should I do?

    Contact our customer service, and please be in mind that service providers are fully responsible for any mishaps after the service is done. All complaint and any legal issue can be done directly to the service providers but PETO will facilitate it. Remember your happiness and pet well being is our KPI and we have Standard Operating Procedures for the services that we enforced to our partners.

  • Ada jual beli Kelinci, jual beli kucing atau jual beli anjing?

    Di platform PETO, User bisa berinteraksi dengan user lain yang post adopsi berbayar. Harga diinput oleh yang nge-post.

  • Grooming PETO musti sediakan apa saja?

    Grooming pet kami sudah menembuh angka ribuan. Customer hanya perlu memastikan tempat groomingnya ada akses listrik minimal 120 watt dan aliran air yang deras. Saat ini grooming bisa untuk anjing, kucing dan grooming kelinci

  • Apa itu PETO Walker/PETO pet sitter?

    Jasa ajak jalan anjing kamu jika kamu mager. Semua anjing perlu jalan lho minimal 3x seminggu..